Lewis Oehmig

The Southern Golf Association Hall of Fame was established in 1972 by the Board of Directors of the Southern Golf Association. The following qualifications were established as criteria for nomination of an inductee, but an inductee does not have to meet every single criteria. The candidate must have: 1) Outstanding competitive career; 2) Outstanding administrative contributions; 3) Outstanding promotional contributions; 4) The candidate must have met the above criteria while a member of a Southern Golf Association Member Club. The Southern Golf Association Hall of Fame is unique in that it does not necessarily induct a member each year, nor does it select multiple inductees.

It was with great pleasure that the Southern Golf Association Board of Directors in 1981 elected Lewis W. Oehmig as a member of the Hall of Fame.


Lew has been outstanding in all the criteria expected of an inductee, having had a distinguished competitive and administrative career and working tirelessly to promote amateur golf.


Lew's competitive career includes many outstanding championships and accomplishments, so many that only those at the highest levels of amateur golf can be listed. In his college days, Lew was a National Intercollegiate Co-Medalist, as well as a Semi-Finalist in the 1937 NCAA Championship. He was Captain of the University of Virginia golf team in 1938. He established a record in the Tennessee State Amateur Championship that will be hard to duplicate, having won the event eight times spanning five decades beginning in 1937 and the last in 1971. He has been the Tennessee Senior Amateur Champion five times; Tennessee Open Low Amateur two times; a medalist in the Southern Amateur Championship in 1963 and a Semi-Finalist in 1956. As a senior golfer, Lew has been a finalist in the U. S. Senior Amateur Championship five times - winning in 1972 and 1976 and being runner-up in 1973, 1977 and 1979. He was the winner of the International Senior Championship in 1976 and served as Captain of the United States Walker Cup Team in 1977. He was elected as Captain of the U. S. World Cup team for 1982-1983.


Lew Oehmig is a blend of what many amateurs aspire to be - a championship golfer and a successful businessman. His work in administrative and promotional golf is exemplified by the man himself, whose personal qualities make him appealing and an inspiration to the younger men in golf. It was for these same qualifies and abilities as a golfer that he was chosen by the United States Golf Association to captain the U. S. Walker Cup team in 1977. Lew Oehmig will long be remembered in the golf worked for his many contributions to the game of golf.