Robert T. Jones

The Southern Golf Association Hall of Fame was established in 1972 by the Board of Directors of the Southern Golf Association. The following qualifications were established as criteria for nomination of an inductee, but an inductee does not have to meet every single criteria. The candidate must have: 1) Outstanding competitive career; 2) Outstanding administrative contributions; 3) Outstanding promotional contributions; 4) The candidate must have met the above criteria while a member of a Southern Golf Association Member Club. The Southern Golf Association Hall of Fame is unique in that it does not necessarily induct a member each year, nor does it select multiple inductees.


It was fitting that the first inductee into the SGA Hall of Fame was Robert Tyre Jones, Jr., and unfortunate that the induction was posthumous. Mr. Jones died in December, 1971, only months before the scheduled initiation of the Southern Golf Association Hall of Fame at the Green Island Country Club in Columbus, Georgia. Robert T. Jones, II, attended the ceremony and accepted the plaque for the Jones family.


To try and list the golf related accomplishments of this great man seems almost futile, and certainly redundant, as the list has become the measuring device for all who follow. Bobby Jones' credentials are of such magnitude that we won't make the attempt here but will, instead, use the dedication piece written for the 1971 Southern Golf Association Yearbook to commemorate Bobby Jones for the SGA Hall of Fame. It is as follows:

"Robert Tyre Jones, Jr., was born in 1902, the founding date of the Southern Golf Association, and fifteen years later became its youngest champion. He repeated his win at the age if eighteen and by the age of twenty was a three time Southern Amateur champion. These triumphs were only the beginning of the most fabulous golf career ever created by one individual and climaxed by his greatest year in 1930, winning the Grand Slam. The Southern Golf Association for years has honored the man and the golfer through our most prized trophy, the Bob Jones Trophy, awarded annually for permanent possession to the four players on the state team with the lowest qualifying score. In order to further honor his memory for his everlasting contributions to golf, we, the officers and directors of the Southern Golf Association, proudly and gratefully dedicate this yearbook for 1971 to Robert Tyre Jones, Jr."