Marvin Giles, III

The Southern Golf Association Hall of Fame was established in 1972 by the Board of Directors of the Southern Golf Association. The following qualifications were established as criteria for nomination of an inductee, but an inductee does not have to meet every single criteria. The candidate must have: 1) Outstanding competitive career; 2) Outstanding administrative contributions; 3) Outstanding promotional contributions; 4) The candidate must have met the above criteria while a member of a Southern Golf Association Member Club. The Southern Golf Association Hall of Fame is unique in that it does not necessarily induct a member each year, nor does it select multiple inductees.


In 1984, at the Bay Hill Club in Orlando, Florida during the Southern Amateur Championship, Marvin (Vinny) Giles was inducted in the Southern Golf Association Hall of Fame.


Because of Vinny's involvement in all phases of golf, he easily qualifies in all the criteria expected of an inductee.

Administratively, he was on the Executive Committee of the Virginia State Golf Association for over 20 years, and then was first an Associate Director and then a Director of the Southern Golf Association for three years.

As active administratively as Vinny was, that pales in comparison with his competitive amateur career.


Highlights of that career:


1964   NCAA All-American

1965   NCAA All-American

1966  NCAA All-American

1967  Southern Amateur Champion

1967 U. S. Amateur Runner-Up

1968 U. S. Amateur Runner-Up

1968 The Masters - Low Amateur

1969 Walker Cup Team Member

1969 U. S. Amateur Runner-Up

1969 World Cup Team Member

1970 World Cup Team Member

1970 U. S. Amateur - 6th

1971 Walker Cup Team Member

1970 U. S. Amateur - 3rd

1972 World Cup Team Member

1972 U. S. Amateur Champion

1973 Walker Cup Team Member

1973 Porter Cup Champion

1973  Eastern Amateur Champion

1973 U. S. Open Low Amateur

1973 U. S. Amateur Semi-Finalist

1975 Southern Amateur Champion

1975 British Amateur Champion

1975 Walker Cup Team Member


In addition to all of the above accomplishments, Vinny also won the Virginia Amateur Championship six times and the Virginia Open Championship twice.


The addition of Marvin (Vinny) Giles to the SGA Hall of Fame is another jewel in its already illustrious crown of outstanding amateur golf activists.